H2O – Hélios Theater company (GERMANY)

H2O – Hélios Theater company (GERMANY)

A 2010 creation

Water – we seem to know everything about this element. But when we take a closer look at it, it’s full of surprises and it’s still a mystery to scientists up to the present day. Water is enormous power, sputtering life and sparkling joy. May it be as a melting ice–block, a shimmering fountain or as ascending damp, as a refreshing drink or a sweeping wave, as an element of sound or reflector of light, in this performance it always takes on new forms. It inspires performers and audience alike and generates a poetry that gives us an idea of the Wonder of Life. It starts with one single drop…

Forme : Théâtre « aquatique »

Public : de 2 à 6 ans

Duration : 30 minutes

Capacity : 60

Performer : Michael Lurse, Marko Werner, Holger Queck

Music : Roman D. Metzner  Scenography : Michael Lurse

Photos : Walter G. Breuer

HELIOS Theater (Hamm, Allemagne)

Coproduction avec Mierscher Kulturhaus (Mersch, Luxembourg)


Schools :

  • March 27th: 2.15 pm at the Théâtre Madeleine-Renaud, Taverny
  • March 28th: 9.30 am at the Théâtre Madeleine-Renaud, Taverny

All audiences:

  • March 21st: 4.30 at MJC, Persan
  • March 28th: 2.30 pm at Théâtre Madeleine-Renaud, Taverny