L’Avoir ! Ode chantée au savon, by Laurent Dupont, photo credit Agnès Desfosses

By supporting the ACTA company, you will support :

  • Artistic innovation
  • Young children’s cultural awakening
  • Encounters
  • The development of community relationships
  • An opening to the world

Patronage, what is it for?

Patronage is financial or material support provided by a company or individual to an action or activity of general interest (culture, research, humanitarian, etc.). It is also a way for individuals or companies to decide for themselves to allocate part of their taxes to a specific project.

It is not that expensive…

Sponsorship entitles the donor to a tax reduction of 60% of the donation. Capped at 0.5% of turnover, it is possible to carry the excess over to the next five years.

Tailor-made compensations

With the idea of building a real partnership with the company and establishing long-term relationships, we want to encourage as much dialogue as possible with our patrons. This is why we have chosen to offer them tailor-made benefits, adapted to their needs. These can range from the simple appearance of the logo on the company’s communication documents to the organisation of the company’s performances on the company’s premises, not forgetting the distribution of invitations for the various performances and meetings with the artists… But there are many other benefits to create together!