European Forum : Shows and projects

Debout de bois – Company L’Oiseau Monde

It is the story of a little being – made of wood – who is born into an unknown universe, who learns to discover the world, his world. First of all, he learns to grasp its contours, its extremities. Then to build a shelter. Little by little, he worries about the details, searches, discovers, tries, fails, tries again, rises. It is also the story of an encounter, strong, essential, which will change everything. Finally, it is the story of the before, the after, and the hope: nothing is ever totally finished, everything changes, just like this little world of sand and wood.

Conception, performance : Sarah Camus
Scenography : Julien Lett
Sound design : Jérome Boyer
External advices : Eleonora Ribis, Alexandra Lucchesi

UP ! – Company LagunArte

UP is a short word that expresses the top in English, but in Basque it is an interjection that calls for caution. The child is growing up and this is a constant preoccupation, the adult even encourages him to go faster, sometimes too fast. This show is the metaphor of a personal construction, of the extraordinary elaboration of what one becomes.

Writing, stage direction, scenography : Kristof Hiriat
Voice, drums, movement : Kristof Hiriart
External advice : Maryline Pruvost, Jérémie Ternoy
Sound : Patrick Fisher
Lights : Antoine Decembri
Scenography : Johann Praud, Patrick Fischer
Administration, production, diffusion : Maite Garra, Annick Irungaray, Christine Garay

Rêve d’air – Company La Tortue

This show is part of the triptych « Nos Palais Intimes » with Rêve de Pierre – hosted as part of the Pépite programme in 2020 – and Rêve de Fer. The main theme of these shows is the monumental work of the Facteur Cheval. With this more immersive form, the artist questions the relationship between the stage space and the audience. It will be the result of extensive research during residencies in nurseries.

Conception, performance, voice, kora : Delphine Noly
Stage direction : Anne Marcel
Lights : Alice Huc
Technics, scenography : Simon Chapellas

Roy s’endort, a winter’s tale – Thomas Casey

Photographe : Nicolas Maget

« Why sleep, if I can dream awake?
It’s evening, a winter’s evening, time to go to bed, but Roy doesn’t want to sleep. He looks at the moon. He thinks about his day, about everything he has done. He gets lost in his daydreams; he likes to dream, but he doesn’t like to sleep. He likes to dream awake. So in order not to fall asleep he gets up, starts dancing, singing. Unless it’s a dream…

Conception, choreography : Thomas Casey
Dance, voice and performance : Thomas Casey
External advice : Céline Schnepf – Cie Un chateau en Espagne
Music : Marie Braun
Sound design : Erwin Toul
Lights : Antonin Liège
Artistic companionship : Cie La Farfalla Marie Braun
Production / diffusion : La Forge des Choses

Früh Stück – Helios Theater

What do we hear when we listen? How does the room sound around us? And when does the music start? A musical breakfast that unfolds around a railway track: a player explores the sound of things, bodies, others and themselves, a rhythm is built, a melody, a song, an audio landscape grows in our ears and before our eyes. An invitation to « Breakfast » – not only for the ears…

Stage direction : Michael Lurse
Performance : Minju Kim
Scenography : Michael Lurse
Technics : Jan Leschinski
Music : Michael Lurse, Jan Leschinski