The ACTA compagny in a few words :

A wide scope of activities: theatrical creations and tours, cultural actions, place of creation, European festival (The Premières rencontres) and broadcast benefitting all the inhabitants of Val d’Oise.

A well-known company, in France and abroad, that grants a positive image of the city and the department.

A place of reference, of creation and support for companies from Val d’Oise and anywhere else that perform for a young or a very young public.

ACTA past and present:

ACTA (Association for theatrical and audiovisual creation) creates shows for all age groups in France and abroad, building a bridge between different artistic languages so that they can meet on the same scene (singing, dancing, acrobatics, texts from modern authors, photos).

Since its creation, ACTA has been targeting all the ages of life. Many of its achieved or ongoing works are dedicated to young or very young spectators. The ACTA company originated shows about the pleasure of growing up and walking with “Sous la table” (“Under the table”) and “Ooh so rond” (“Oh so round”) and “renaissances” (“rebirths”), about the pleasure of looking with “le jardin des chimères” (“the chimeres’ garden”) and “¡ Mira ! le pays des reflets » (“Look ! The country of reflection”) …

2 shows – directed by Laurent Dupont with Agnès Desfosses’ artistic contribution – were quite successful during major tours: “Moi seul” (“Only me”, March 2009) that questions about having brothers and sisters and “En corps” (“Inside my body”, March 2012).

Since 2014, Laurent Dupont is the Director of the ACTA company and he created :

  • “L’avoir ! Ode chantée au savon” (« To have it ! Singing an ode to soap”. November 2014) : a show for eyes and ears of over-18-month-children
  • And “Dans les yeux des autres” (“In the others’ eyes”. January 2015): dance creation, voice and music for everyone aged over 12.

His latest show, “Sons…Jardins secrets” (“Sounds…Secret Gardens”. For ears and eyes of everyone aged over 4), was achieved in March 2017. Immediately after this release, the Company has started working on his new creation: “A vos saveurs” (“Taste it !”), a “eat-it, see-it and listen to it”-opera that will be ready in February 2019.