De l’hêtre à l’être


Choreographic, musical, and visual writing

from 6 years old

Conception and direction: Laurent Dupont

Interpretation: two dancers and one video/visual artist (to be confirmed)

Text: Céline Bellanger

Music creation: to be confirmed

Set design: Patricia Lacoulonche

Lighting design: Christian Goulin


Production : ACTA, conventioned company: Conseil départemental du Val d’Oise, City of Villiers-le-Bel. ACTA is subsidised by the DRAC Île-de-France through a territory convention, and by the Île-de-France Regional Council through an artistic permanence convention.

Co-productions : Villiers-le-Bel (95)

The second part of Laurent Dupont’s dyptic on the theme of trees, “De l’hêtre à l’être” (“From beech to being“) takes a fresh look at these very beings that surround and nourish us, through a sensitive dialogue between two dancers, from their initial encounter to their slow transformation.

The plant imagery becomes the working tool that enriches the possibilities of their bodies and their movements: a disposition to occupy space and to make space. They will be nourished by the weight, volume, growth and roots of the tree. Like the tree, the artists express their way of being in the world through their bodies. By showing themselves, they reveal the fundamental dynamics of every being: the attraction of gravity, the reaction of slenderness and the tension of holding the vertical.

Electroacoustic proposals for the creation of a sound and musical landscape will be created in advance to evoke this hidden world of the forest, and echoed with visual elements created and projected in real time. These virtual images, evoking the birth of a forest and its ever-changing landscapes, will also enable the artist involved to engage in a dialogue with the two dancers, playing on their positions and rhythms and provoking their gazes.

A theatrical and visual game will take place to provoke and enrich the meeting of these two beings and their struggles, while welcoming them into the space of their transfiguration.

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