Early Childhood Principles for a European Artistic Awakening

Photo credit: Clémence Bélénus

From 2020 to 2023, ACTA coordinated an Erasmus+-funded training project, “Early learning and education professionals: art and early childhood“, in partnership with laSala (Spain), Starcatchers (Scotland), and 2turvenhoog (Netherlands). This project was born out of a desire to train early childhood and education professionals in the use of contemporary performing arts for the artistic awakening very young audiences in certain disadvantaged European neighbourhoods.

After eight visits to train professionals in early childhood and culture in artistic awareness, and in addition to the detailed reports of each mobility, we have drawn up a manifesto in collaboration with all the participants, defending the fundamental principles for an authentic artistic awakening on a European scale.

All of the professions supporting the development of the child in training in this project worked in a collaborative and egalitarian way to define a list of examples and foundations defined to facilitate the implementation of artistic stimulation on a daily basis. These principles highlight the expectations and needs of each sector.

The themes developed and the principles that emerge are illustrated by examples observed by our participants during their visits, bringing together concrete examples that are specific to each sector.

The integral text