The Pépite scheme

Since 2017 and thanks to the support of the DRAC Île-de-France (Central State funding body) and the Île-de-France Regional Council, ACTA hosts and provides artistic and administrative support to companies that create for young and very young children.

Residency conditions

Several options are possible :

  • Simply providing the space for rehearsal periods without specific support, with the possibility of work in progress showings.
  • For companies expressing the need for a period of work on the stage but also wishing to be immersed in a nursery in order to nourish their reflection, and/or a public presentation at the end of the residency, ACTA offers longer residency periods, which can be broken down into several periods over the year.

The companies hosted are selected by Laurent Dupont (ACTA’s artistic director), based on a preference for emerging companies involved in a process of mixing artistic languages, and demonstrating a curiosity about creation for young and very young audiences and experimentation with new forms of establishing a relationship with the children and accompanying adults.

For more information about the scheme, you can download this document or write to Clémence Bélénus :

Previously hosted companies and artists

List of companies hosted between 2012 and 2016

List of companies hosted in 2017

List of companies hosted in 2018

List of companies hosted in 2019

List of companies hosted in 2020

List of companies hosted in 2021