Territorial projects

In 2022

– Continuation of the “Les Berceuses” action around the 2022 creation L’autre de moi by Laurent Dupont. This project maintains the fundamental objectives of the artistic and creative awakening of the toddler and the promotion of parenthood explored through the lullaby approach, but this time places greater emphasis on the intercultural dimension specific to the Villiers-le-Bel area by taking into account the singular micro-cultures and the constitution of an intergenerational memory-repertoire (children-parents-elderly people). If the previous part of the project was based on the collection of these stories through the lullabies, this second part of the project is based more on the meeting of micro-cultures between them, through the lullaby approach. We would like to bring together various communities through their own lullabies in order to compare the similarities and differences in their content and form.

– Workshops and training in Goussainville: in collaboration with the early childhood department of Goussainville, a partner city of the PREMIERES RENCONTRES Festival, ACTA is offering three workshops for children, professionals and parents in the city’s daycare centres.

– Action “Around trees”: the project is aimed at pupils in the fourth year of secondary school (Martin Luther King secondary school in Villiers-le-Bel), as well as secondary school pupils (René Cassin secondary school in Gonesse), to enable them to approach the theme of the tree through an encounter with works of art and different artistic points of view. It brings together artists with different means of expression, techniques and views, who will work with the schoolchildren: Céline Bellanger, Vladimir Kara and Masha Schmidt.

– “Presence/absence” action in Creuse around the creation 2020 Là… Pas Là! by Laurent Dupont

– Continuation of the “Presence/absence” action around the creation Là… Pas Là! by Laurent Dupont, a series of workshops around movements/shadows, sounds, graphic expression and objects, as well as training for early childhood professionals, in collaboration with the DRAC Centre-Val de Loire

In 2021

– Action “Les Berceuses” around the future creation 2022 L’autre de moi by Laurent Dupont: it is part of the continuity of the reflections on the links between parents and children engaged by the Compagnie ACTA in its project “Enfance et parentalité” and during the previous format “Enfance et parentalité : Présence et Absence” around the rituals linked to the separation between the child and the adult. This time, we propose a continuation of the project targeting the processes of preparation and acceptance of the separation between parents and children through lullabies, stories, rhymes, etc. The aim here is to bring together children, parents, grandparents and early childhood and cultural professionals to live and share an experience around this singular cultural heritage that everyone possesses: all the more so in a city as multicultural as Villiers-le-Bel.

– Documentary film by Agnès Desfosses Plus riche que moi, y’a pas: filmed interviews with twenty or so people from the Ile-de-France region and more particularly from Villiers-le-Bel. This film will also be based on personal archive documents of the interviewees, archives of the ACTA Company (Association de Création Théâtrale et Audiovisuelle) as well as documents in the public domain: photographs, film extracts and other documents relevant to the subject. This film, which brings together three main areas of work, aims to make visible 30 years of artistic and cultural experience with the inhabitants of the town and to initiate a new project by following in the footsteps of the historical protagonists of this collective memory. The three axes will highlight the contemporary legacies of former projects linked to the different historical contexts and events of the territory of Villiers-le-Bel.

– “Presence/absence” action around the creation Là… Pas Là! by Laurent Dupont, a series of workshops around movements/shadows, sounds, graphic expression and objects, as well as training for early childhood professionals, in conjunction with the DRAC Centre-Val de Loire

– Continuation of the CLEAJE workshops in Beaumont-sur-Oise with the artists Pauline Delmotte and Guillaume Jouanin (Cie de l’Entre deux monde), Marie Simon (Cie Les Cils) and Laurent Dupont (Cie ACTA), opening on the Paul Fort nursery school.

In 2020

– Presence/absence” action around the creation Là… Pas Là! by Laurent Dupont, a series of workshops based on movements/shadows, sounds, graphic expression and objects, in conjunction with the Early Childhood Service (RAM Petits Pas, Les crèches Marmouset and Le Texier), the Cultural Service (shows) and the Maison de Quartier Allende (LAEP) in Villiers-le-Bel. Workshops involving the two artists of the show (Emilie Lambert and Joseph Bourillon) to mobilise children, parents and early childhood professionals on a theme that echoes this delicate moment when the child and the adult cross their path to travel together on the road of a necessary separation, as well as a plastic arts course led by Vladimir Kara, a visual artist, around the same themes.

This project consists of more than 50 hours of workshops, including workshops, artistic residencies and performative workshop days.

– Following a period of isolation due to confinement, artistic actions were carried out as part of the “Cultural Summer” in Villiers-le-Bel and Beaumont-sur-Oise around listening to and awakening the youngest children around 3 cycles: water, air and earth in connection with the Early Childhood services, Ram, crèches, mini-crèches, haltes-jeux

– Continuation of CLEAJE workshops in Beaumont and Villiers-le-Bel with the artists Pauline Delmotte and Guillaume Jouanin

In 2019

A team of artists from the live theatre companies ACTA, Praxinoscope and Lunatic carried out actions to raise awareness of art and nature among young children in the Val-d’Oise department as part of the CLEAJE project (Contrat Local d’Eveil Artistique du Jeune Enfant) carried out in the Haut Val-d’Oise agglomeration in the communes of Beaumont, Mours, Nointel, Persan and Ronquerolles. ACTA intervened in Beaumont-sur-Oise with its Artistic Director Laurent Dupont and long-time partner artists, Pauline Delmotte and Guillaume Jouanin (Compagnie L’Entre Deux Mondes)

In 2018

Carnet de saveurs is an artistic and cultural project with the aim of enhancing the value of the inhabitants and their cultures through a journey combining practices and encounters and to raise their awareness of artistic creation.This initiative takes root upstream of Laurent Dupont’s new creation “A vos saveurs!”. It consists of proposing an itinerary through two types of workshops (encounters based on culinary memories and practices / plastic art workshop “tastes and colours” and theatre/slam workshop “food and words”).
During these workshops, two creative paths with children from two leisure centres in Villiers-le-Bel are approached: a plastic art path led by Vladmir Kara, a visual artist, around colour and cooking, spices and materials; and a slam path led by Nebil Daghsen around words, sounds and emotions linked to cooking. These workshops take place at ACTA and involve children aged 6 to 10 from two leisure centres in Villiers-le-Bel.

This project includes more than 50 hours of workshops, a participation in the open rehearsal of the show “A vos saveurs!”, a participation of the association of the Camille Claudel neighbourhood house of women in a workshop with the children and a visit of the micro-folie of Villiers-le-Bel.

In 2017

– as part of the European Erasmus project entitled “Artists in training: art and early childhood”

– parent-child artistic activities on the theme of “Early childhood and parenthood” at the Bourdarria crèche in Saint-Ouen (93) by Laurent Dupont with the support of the Conseil départemental de Seine-Saint-Denis

– as part of the Sons… Jardins secrets tour in La Roche-sur-Yon and Clermont-Ferrand

– as part of the tour of L’Avoir! Ode chantée au savon in Auxerre

In 2016

– as part of the tour of L’Avoir! Ode chantée au savon in Rezé (44) and Ivry-sur-Seine (94)

– as part of the Archipel tour in Fosses (95)

– Theatre in secondary schools in partnership with the Conseil Départemental du Val d’Oise: at Collège Saint-Exupéry in Villiers-le-Bel

– Action around “Sons jardins secrets“, by Laurent Dupont. We will federate structures thanks to partnerships developed with leisure centres, neighbourhood centres, parent-child centres, associations in the town, the ANRU, the Carreaux social grocery shop.
Finally, we intend to give this project a high profile in the city through the various phases of the project and its completion, with the organisation of a final event.
More than 30 two-hour workshops and 3 presentations will take place until December 2016 to bring together generations and promote the words and creativity of the inhabitants of Villiers-le-Bel.

In 2015

– as part of the “En Corps” tour in Gentilly and Granville

– as part of the tour of “L’Avoir! Ode chantée au Savon” in Caen, Quimper and other towns in Finistère and at the Babelut festival (Neerpelt, Belgium)

– interventions in Argenteuil (95)

– Theatre in secondary schools in partnership with the Conseil Départemental du Val d’Oise: in 3 secondary schools: Collège Henri Wallon in Garges-lès-Gonesse / Collège St Exupéry in Villiers-le-bel / Collège Doisneau in Gonesse

– A unifying project to open up to creation “Dans les yeux des autres“. Implementation of theatrical writing workshops through expressive experiences that emphasise slamming, singing, music and dance.
The teenagers were able to take part in the Avignon Festival, a trip organised by Scène d’Enfance et d’Ailleurs with over 400 young people.
Beneficiaries (excluding spectators at the performance): 39 inhabitants (teenagers/adolescents outside of school time) and two classes of fourth grade.
Partners: Cultural Service and Youth Service of the City of Villiers-le-Bel, Colleges, Imaj, Maisons de quartiers of the City of Villiers-le-Bel, the company Dk-Bel.