Erasmus + 2020-2023

Since the 1990’s, the art, culture and education sectors have been interested in the receptivity and awakening of the youngest children to live performances, and then questioned the need to devote a real repertoire to their sensibilities in order to enrich their imagination, stimulate their curiosity and accompany their opening to the world. Indeed, it is between 0 and 6 years old that the child is the most apt to awaken to art and to build his critical and analytical apparatus. However, the link between education, awakening and artistic practices is not always obvious for professionals of various sectors and is not often highlighted during the training stages intended for the professions of early childhood and education.

2019 is a strong year in this regard: The report “A national strategy for cultural health – Promote and perpetuate the cultural and artistic awakening of the child from birth to 3 years in the link with his parent” of the psychoanalyst Sophie Marinopoulos is a big step in the interministerial policy in favor of the artistic and cultural awakening of toddlers, implemented by Franck Riester. ACTA is part of this progress through reflections held since 1989 on the importance of artistic awakening from the earliest age.

It is in this context today that four structures are committed together to disseminate the observations and lessons learned from contemporary artistic practices for young children to professionals in the field of early childhood. After a first ERASMUS + 2017-2019 project for artists, it was time to respond to the strong demand from early childhood professionals noted in our cultural actions in the territory and during our European Biennial Premières Rencontres. It is a partnership approach with all the local educational actors (school management, social and cultural educators, teachers and pedagogical advisors, etc.) as well as a participatory approach including parents and children from the educational sectors concerned. These structures are Starcatchers – Scotland, LaSala – Spain, ACTA – France and 2TurvenHoog – Netherlands. They belong to the cultural sector and are active in the creation of live performances for young children.

They will work together, for two years, to set up regular mobilities of professionals of the national education and early childhood, with the contribution of the researcher Sylvie Rayna, with the aim of integrating the habit of the artistic practice into their teaching methods.

1st learning activity – Festival ElPetit and visits of childhood structures – Sabadell (Spain)

From 19th to 21s November 2021

For this first learning activity in physical mobility, the participants of the 4 structures met in Sabadell, on the outskirts of Barcelona in Spain, during the ElPetit early childhood festival organized by LaSala. The participants were able to attend the shows presented during these three days, as well as the conferences and debates of the festival. The mobility ended with a visit to District 3, where LaSala is located, including a nursery, a pre-school and the municipal library.

To learn more, here is an illustrated report of this mobility HERE