European outreach

Thanks to their artistic approach to childhood and early childhood, exciting contacts have been developed at European level. The company has been invited to:

  • To tour in festivals in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Holland and Finland.
  • To publish in Germany:

Agnès Desfosses wrote for her production of the show “Sous la Table”, based on the poems of Yves Nilly. Text translated by Conny Frühauf. Publisher: Verlag der Autoren Frankfurt am Main 2000.

  • Publication of an intervention by Agnès Desfosses in a collection of authors dedicated to early childhood: “Theater for Early Years”, published by ASSITEJ.
  • Directed the show “Sous la Table” abroad:

In October 2002 for the Toihaus in Salzburg, Austria, with Austrian actors.

In April-May 2009 for the Centre Culturel de Belem (CCB) in Lisbon, Portugal, with an adaptation of the show in Portuguese, followed by a tour in several Portuguese cities.

  • Participated in numerous conferences in France and abroad.
  • To lead a training course in England.
  • Created a European festival: “Premières Rencontres”: Early childhood artistic awakening and live performance – European Biennial in Val d’Oise since 2003-2004.
  • Coordinated a European Grundtvig project: “Parenthood/Education/Culture/Art” in 2010-2012 with 5 European partners: Thanks to residencies and festivals, a sensitive knowledge of the world of arts and early childhood in different European countries by artists, parents, early childhood and cultural staff, will allow to create and develop a reinforced collaboration of cultural and educational sectors with parents in a spirit of co-construction.

Laurent Dupont has been invited :

  • To participate in a project for young audiences in Birmingham (BBC press article)
  • To have privileged contacts in Great Britain: Pete WYNNE-WILLSON – Birmingham Repertory Theatre
  • To participate in the Colloquium / Report: Early Childhood Performances? A European reality. Organised in partnership with Onda, Orcca and Nova Villa, on the theme of European creation for young children, led by Cyrille Planson, editor-in-chief of the magazine La Scène – Workshop n°3: Intervention by Peter Wynne Willson: presentation of the young audience project initiated in Birmingham.
  • To tour the show: ” Pierre au Bois de Terre ” in Great Britain:

7.-11. November 2006: at the Polka Theatre (One of the partners of “Small size – the net”)
17.-24. May 2007: Sticky fingers Festival : in Newry, Ireland

  • Artistic director in 2002/2003 of a European theatre project “Broken Spaces” funded by Europe Culture 2000 and realised in collaboration with TeatroKismet, Athenor Theatre, Nottingham Play house (UK) and Parallelo Company from Adelaide, Australia: creation for all audiences of “In the Time of Distance” a multimedia live performance August 2003 – Adelaide Australia.
  • Artistic director of an artistic project ” Clair /obscur ” (end 2003-2005) in partnership with the City of Chalon-sur-Saône and the European project ” Glittebird ” Culture 2000 : creation of ” Plis/Sons “, a show by Laurent Dupont in March 2005.
  • Organising artistic residencies in Finland with the Annantalo Arts Center and the actors of the Helsinki-Finnish Theatre Academy “Koira Viekon”.
  • Directed “Spiel der Kräfte” with the Helios Theater Company from Hamm (DE) in production with the TJP Strasbourg.
  • At the request of the German partner “ARMES THEATER”, a German version of the show “Moi Seul” directed by Laurent Dupont was produced. In July 2011, a period of rehearsal/passage with the German artistic team took place with the aim of producing a German version of “Ich Allein” of Moi Seul. “Ich Allein” will tour Germany from the end of August 2011.