Since its creation, the ACTA Company has constantly developed partnerships with cultural structures, public institutions and private actors.

Several cultural structures have created close links with the ACTA company, as shown by the many collaborations in the form of residencies, co-productions or advance purchases of projects in development.

In addition, the ACTA Company receives subsidies at local, departmental, regional, national and European levels.
Since 2001, ACTA has had an agreement with the DRAC Ile-de-France, the Conseil Général du Val d’Oise and its town of residence: Villiers-le-Bel for renewable periods of 3 years. It also benefits from an agreement of artistic permanence with the Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France since 2008.

From 2010 to 2012, ACTA will be entering its 4th agreement. With such a long term agreement, ACTA can look to the future and build long term projects such as the European biennial in the Val d’Oise: “Premières rencontres” (First encounters), early childhood, artistic awakening and live performance; to have a territorial anchorage, to work in partnership and to have in-depth cultural and artistic projects with the inhabitants.

With the same objectives in mind, and with artistic collaborations developing more and more with the director Laurent Dupont, in 2010 the Compagnie ACTA-Agnès Desfosses was renamed: Compagnie ACTA – Associated artists: Agnès Desfosses, Laurent Dupont.

Since August 2009, new premises have been allocated to the Company by the City of Villiers-le-bel, which greatly stimulates and facilitates the spirit of its projects.

Within the framework of its cultural activities developed on its territory, the ACTA company collaborates with the community fabric, the neighbourhood centres, the early childhood structures and the schools of the town of Villiers-le-Bel, the ADIAM…