“Géant et Minuscule“ (theatre)

Show for children from 3 years old to 5 years old and adults. You are always someone’s big or small. Created in March 1992 / Started again in 2011.


“Ah ! vos Rondeurs…“ (theatre)

Show for children from 4 months old to 4 years old and adults. A tribute to babies and to all those who accompany them in their development. Created in 1994.

Austrian version – recreated in 2005 for Toihaus in Salzburg.

“Sous la Table“ (theatre)

Show for children from 1,5 years old to 3,5 years old and adults. A mermaid and a sirein have only one desire: to have two legs like children in order to grow and walk. Created in May 1996.

Austrian version in 2002 for Toihaus in Salzburg and Portugese version in 2009.


– « 1/125ème de seconde » –
– « Jeux en images » —
– « Masques -Main » –
– « Visages et corps en scène »

« ReNaissances »

This musical poem, sung, acted and danced, directed by Agnès Desfosses, evokes the double journey of parents and child, from the waiting of birth to the awakening of the newborn to the world around him. Adults and children are invited to visit a common memory where very different emotions and memories are lodged. Created in December 2005.


« Le Jardin des Chimères » (scenographic photographic exhibition)

On the theme of reflections, for 3-6 years old and adults. An interactive and poetic exhibition that brings out the imagination in everyone.

« ¡ Mira ! le pays des reflets » (show)

For children aged 4 to 8 and adults, about shadows and reflections. A live show in the form of a sensory journey, combining games, singing, acrobatics, photographs, water and music. Created in November 2003.


– « Défilé » (street happening)
– « L’Appareil à Nuages » (alternative opera)


« La Tête dans les Mottes » (theatrical stroll)


– « Souvenirs d’Avenir » (scenographic photographic exhibition)
– « Cité Montillet, une seconde naissance » (sound and scenographic exhibition)
– « La L.T.T. à Conflans, histoires de vie » (sound exhibition)
– « Pieds ailés » (street theatre)
– « Je ne suis pas là » (indoor shows for appartmets and non-theatrical spaces)


– « Le Colosse -Rêves » (theatre)
– « Traces » (street happening)


– « Exil -scènes d’intérieur » (appartment theatre)
– « Venues d’ailleurs, images et voix de femmes » (scenographic exhibition)
– « Visages d’aujourd’hui, paysages d’hier » (street performance)

At the crossroads of these last three themes: two closely related projects, with a scenographic exhibition “Petit, grand exil / petit, grand déménagement” created in February 2007 and a show created in November 2007 in Villiers-le-Bel: “Comme le vent qui souffle” (Like the wind that blows) on the theme of exile and the move


« Moi seul »

Three artists, one for the image, one for the sound, one for the movement, intervene in real time on the stage to evoke this lost childhood paradise where some believed that perfect happiness was possible.

He is alone in the light. But a shadow is already playing with him. I am there, you hate.

A questioning on siblings, on the “light/dark” of its relationships.

Directed by Laurent Dupont in artistic collaboration with Agnès Desfosses. Created in March 2009.


This project by Laurent Dupont with Cie ACTA is part of a reflection that mirrors two fundamental “passages” in the construction of a person: early childhood and adolescence.

It consists of three parts:

« En corps »

Created for all audiences from 3 years – March 2012 which have toured a lot in France and abroad.

« A corps et cris »

Actions-contexts built with a teenager audience – 2012

« En corps (E)crits »

Created for all audiences from 11 years old – 2013