Shows and presented projects

« Stip it » de la Cie sQueezz (PAYS-BAS)

STIP IT is a participatory performance by artist/scenographer Elian Smits and dancer/choreographer Anne-Beth Schuurmans. With STIP IT we examine actions, movements and materials at the intersection of art and collaborative play. STIP IT starts with a 20-minute performance, after which the audience is invited to join the artists in playing. Together they explore and create a picturesque and welcoming landscape. The combination of movement, sound, materials and actions form the basis of the play with an emphasis on the senses and perception. STIP IT is an entry point to imagine how an encounter with something new can be both an opportunity and an invitation to live in the moment. Concrete and abstract images, actions and movements are used to translate and reinforce the power of living in the moment which becomes the common thread of the event. “STIP IT was created in response to the refugee crisis in Europe. So many people are adrift, looking for a place to live, work and create a future for themselves and their families. For Anne-Beth & Elian, the crisis raises questions such as: what kind of world do we want to live in? How can we share a space in a way that everyone is at peace?


  • Concept: Anne-Beth Schuurmans/Cie sQueezz & Elian Smits
  • Dance: Anne-Beth Schuurmans
  • Image and design: Elian Smits
  • Music/soundscape: Tessa Zoutendijk
  • Light: Ellen Knops

Co-production & Advice: Ingrid Wolff/ festival 2 Turven Hoog

STIP IT is a coproduction of Festival 2 Turven Hoog, Cie sQueezz and Beeld Instituut Smits.

« Things to wear » de Theaterhaus Ensemble

A man and a woman. A record player. A big bag full of wonderful fabrics. A clothesline. That’s all this play needs to introduce young children to the art of theatre. Yet a lot happens: two very different characters try to get closer, test each other’s limits, gradually dare to commit themselves. They sing together, dance and tease each other. Using all their senses and clothes, they discover the other and the world – just like their audience. The many encounters on stage are gentle and beautiful. The songs from Henry Purcell’s baroque opera “The Fairy Queen” are performed live and lend a remarkable lightness to the piece.


  • Acting and singing: Susanne Schyns, Michael Meyer
  • Stage direction and design: Melanie Florschütz & Michael Döhnert – Collective creation
  • Music: Henry Purcell, Michael Döhnert
  • Costumes: Kerstin Laackmann
  • Stage and lighting management: Daniel Maier
  • Dramaturgy: Susanne Freiling

With the support of Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main and Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst