Videos of the European Forum 2018

Inauguration and conferences of Wednesday 28th March 11h30/13h

– 0-27 mn : Opening of the Forum with M. Jean-Louis Marsac, mayor of Villiers-le-Bel, Brigitte Plancheneau,  cultural and territorial action councellor of the DRAC Ile de France, Agnès Desfosses, artist associated to ACTA and creator of Premières Rencontres and Laurent Dupont, artistic director of ACTA

– 27 mn – 1h04 : How does early childhood continue to question new generations of artists? Presentation of the European training project Erasmus + – Art and Early Childhood, with the artists and directors of the company Stichting 2+ (Erasmus + partner from the Netherlands), the company Starcatchers (Erasmus + partner from Scotland) and Dalila Bahic (head of the Relais Assistante Maternelle of Villiers-le-Bel)

– 1h04 – 1h30 : Presentation by Sylvie Rayna, lecturer in educational psychology, researcher associated with the EXPERICE laboratory (University of Paris 13 Sorbonne Paris Cité), for her comparative research conducted within several European and international networks with early childhood professionals.

Conference of Wednesday 28th March 16h30/18h

– 0 – 48 mn: What impact do these projects have on the practice of professionals? Presentation by Ben Fletcher-Watson from the University of St Andrews (Edinburgh)

– 48 mn – 1h23: What is at stake when the artist invests a place for young children with his artistic material in gestation? Interventions by Gaël Blanchard, project manager at the Lab-Liaisons Arts Bourgogne, Christian Duchange from the Artifice company and director of the Minoterie (a stage for the performing arts in Dijon) and Vincent Regnard, juggler, on a project for very young audiences carried out in association with the Lab-Liaisons Arts Bourgogne.

Conference of Thursday 29th March 11h30/13h

– 0 – 44 mn: How are links forged between art and research? Crossed views on the senses constitutive of the awakening to the world of the very young: interventions by Maya Gratier -Professor of Developmental Psychology -Responsible for the Babylab (University of Paris 10- Nanterre) and Mathilde Lechat, singer- Cie Charabia.

– 44 mn – 1h25: Intervention of Dr Riitta Lahtinen, psychologist and expert in non-verbal communication and Païvi Aura, choreographer – Dance Theatre Auraco (Finland) on their collaboration in the show “Tuntu”, a creation programmed during the First Meeting for blind children