Art and Nature – the mutation of beings

Photo credit: Clémence Bélénus


ACTA is developing its 2024 community project in continuation of the theme of the tree explored in 2023 with early childhood centres and kindergarten schools, through the community project “Land Art Encounters” and the production “Le chant de l’arbre“. Echoing the needs of new-born children, this project put the poetry of nature at the heart of art. In 2024, this new project will take an artistic look at the tree’s growth, focusing on its mutation and metamorphosis.

Through multi-disciplinary practices, the aim is to offer children a poetic and artistic understanding of the evolution of living things, the need to pay attention to them, and all the delicacy that exists in their natural robustness.

ACTA is committed to supporting transitions (from one age to another and from one class to another) by accompanying children on their artistic journey, with continuity from a very early age. Hence, the 2024 project involves ACTA working with the older sections of kindergarten schools (4-5 year olds) and the first years of primary schools (6-7 year olds).

In collaboration with visual artist Vladimir Kara, author Céline Bellanger and dancer Kostia Cerda, ACTA is offering four kindergarten and primary schools in two neighbourhoods in Villiers-le-Bel a number of artistic workshops, walks and get-togethers in the local libraries.

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