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Programme: Premières Rencontres festival 2018

>> Focus on the European Forum of March 28th and 29th 2018 at the Marcel Pagnol Theater of Villiers-le-Bel (95) :


Wednesday 28th March 2018  

– 9 am – 11 am : Shows to choose 

10 am : « Donner du temps au temps »
Agnès Desfosses’s
visit exhibition « ETAT D’ETRE » at to the Marcel Pagnol Theater.
Being connected with our self-expression and the expression of others. “Eyes masks” are interrogating the capacity of self-expression.
Photographs by Agnès Desfosses. Scenography by Patricia Lacoulonche.

11.30 am – 12 am : Opening at Marcel Pagnol Theater with the officials from Villiers le Bel and representatives of our guardianship about their support on the Premières Rencontres festival and the European Forum.

– 1am – 1 pm : Conference/debate at Marcel Pagnol Theater(part 1):

How the early childhood continues to question new generations of artists?
Presentation of the European training project  Erasmus + – Art and early childhood, with artists, structures and University researchers:
What impacts have these meetings on the practices of professionals? : What commitments? What kind of fun or emotional relationship the toddlers create with their parents? How early childhood keeps interrogating new generations of artists ?

Sylvie Rayna, doctor of educational psychology (EHESS), researcher associated with the EXPERICE laboratory – university Paris 13, will speak about her comparative work in Europe and internationally with early childhood professionals.

Sylvie Rayna studies the development of children in day-nursery and the best conditions in which they can grow, she has been investigated inside early childhood city departements and the french governement about their politics on toddlers’ developpment. She leads studies in compared education (political, practical and actors of the preschool education). Among her interests: the welcoming of the children migrants, the reading with very young children, the parental involvement in the structures of early childhood, the socialization in the children-parents welcoming structures.1 pm : Lunch2 pm -7 pm :Shows to choose 

– 3 pm : « Donner du temps au temps »  at the Marcel Pagnol Theater
Presentation by Mathilde Lechat – Cie Charabia (France) of her project of creation « Je suis plusieurs » (“I’m many”).

4.30 pm – 6 pm : Conference/ debate at Marcel Pagnol Theater (part 2)
About the European training project  Erasmus + – Art and early childhood
What position for the artist “in creation” in an early childhood structure? What is in stakes when the artist invests in an early childhood structure with his artistic thoughts in progress?

Ben Fletcher Watson from the St Andrews university of Edinburgh will present his research on how young children react to theatre and Gaël Blanchard, project manager at “le Lab”in Dijon, will speak about the project is leading with his associated artist.

Dr Ben Fletcher-Watson is a director, dramaturg, and drama researcher at the University of Edinburgh, where he manages the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities.

His researche involve theatre for the very young children. He has degrees from the University of St Andrews and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He is also an ASSITEJ Next Generation artist.

About his speech: Infant dramaturgs: artistic engagements as a site of research
How do artists work with very young children to create theatre? From the first inspiration for a production, through rehearsal and into final performances, artists use their engagement with child audiences as a key site of research. This unique audience provides ideas, feedback and critique via a range of communication methods: talking orverbalising, drawing, body language, eye-gaze, movement, and even crying! Their responses can be viewed as a form of collaborative research, where an artist’s ‘performative hypotheses’ are interrogated and rigorously tested by infant dramaturgs. In turn, this produces a form of theatre that is unusually attuned to its audience, allowing artists to take risks and question orthodoxies.

 Gaël Blanchard, project manager at “le Lab” inBourgogne.
After studying for 5 years “Engineering of the intercultural and international projects” in the IUP Denis Diderot de Dijon, Gaël Blanchard is hired as project officer in “le lab”, the cultural agency for the live performance in Bourgogne – Franche-Comté.  He recently coordinated a regional device to support 4 artists in their artistic creation for very young children .

About his speech: Summary of an experiment led by “le Lab” in Dijon (Bourgogne):
What happens when the artist invests an early childhood structure with his artistic material ? How the thoughts and projects of the artists can be re-questioned from the immersion in an early childhood  structure?

Through the experiences of “Le Lab” – TJP – (Bourgogne – Franche-Comté), we shall question the posture of the artist in creation, as well as the impacts of the confrontation between the toddler, the artist and the artistic object itself.

6.30 pm : « Donner du temps au temps » at Acta (4 rue Léon Blum, 95400, Villiers-le-Bel) (presentation of a project in creation )

Presentation by Cie Florschütz & Döhnert (Germany) of a small part of their new creation: «Imagine yourself».

Tuesday 29th March 2018

– 9 am – 11 am : Shows to choose 

10 am : « Donner du temps au temps »
Agnès Desfosses’s visit exhibition « ETAT D’ETRE » at to the Marcel Pagnol Theater.
Being connected with our self-expression and the expression of others. “Eyes masks” are interrogating the capacity of self-expression..
Photographs by Agnès Desfosses. Scenography by Patricia Lacoulonche.

11.30 am – 1 pm : “Conference/debate” (part 1)
How to create links between art and research: the touch, the look and the sound in the young child development, discussions between academic researchers and artists on those topics:

Importance of the sound: Maya Gratier (France)-Professor of psychology of the development, in charge of the Babylab at the University of Nanterre – will speak about the importance of musicality in the communication with children in connection with Mathilde Lechat – Charabia company (France).

Importance of the touch: Riitta Lahtinen (Finland) non-verbal communication expert, willl speak about the forms of interaction involving the touch in the development of the child and about her contribution to the special Tuntu dance project of Päivi Aura, choreographer-Dancer – Theater Auraco (Finland) – presented during the biennial.

Dr Riitta Lahtinen, psychologist and expert in nonverbal communication, researcher in the ISE research group for the University of Helsinki; is a specialist on social-haptic communication and haptic exploration.

About her speech: how to incorporate this knowledge in haptic communication to Päivi Aura’s new show “Tuntu” ?
Social-haptic communication is based on longitudinal research of how dual-sensory impaired people can receive and share emotions, other peoples’ behaviour and environmental information interactively through touch. Through haptic exploration an individual person can receive information through their hands, feet, whole body and their skin. This information is combination of tactile, kinesthetic and orientational information, including smell and taste. How to use this knowledge in the creative process of Tuntu, dance performance for visually impaired children?

Päivi Aura, choreorapher – Cie Dance Theatre Auraco (Finlande)
Paivi Aura is an internationally  well know Finnish choreographer, dancer, director and teacher/educator, who has a long and extensive experience in many differents fiels of dance and related subjects. She is one of the first Finnish theater makers for the very young audiences. After years of freelance work she founded Dance Theater Auraco in 2006; since then she has worked as the artistic director of the company. She is awarded as community Dance Artist of the Year 2010.

-2 pm -7 pm : Shows to choose 

– 3 pm :Donner du temps au temps“at Marcel Pagnol TheaterPresentation by Eleonora Ribis of her project « Piccole virtù » («little virtues»).

-4 pm – 4.45 pm : “Conference-debate” (partie 2)
The constituent senses in the young child development.

Claire, visual artist and author of the illustred book “ARTI SHOW”

About her speech : The importance of the look : Claire Dé is a visual artist and author, will speak about the role of the image in the creation of children books in connection with «Ceci n’est pas un livre» («This is not a book» presented during the biennial event) and Karel Van Raasbeeck from De Spiegel company (Belgium).

Karel Van Raasbeeck, director of the show “Ceci n’est pas un livre” of Cie Theater De Spiegel (Belgium)
After his vocational formation to the National Theater  of Puppets in Budapest (Hungary) and the  Theater, Cinema and Television College in Brussells, he attended the classes of Yang Feng and Frank Shoelhnein Neerpelt, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Dordrecht (Netherlands). Since 1994, he is the director of the company DE SPIEGEL that his father  founded in 1965. He has reorientated the company toward the puppet theater combining puppets and objects with music. In 2012, he  introduces the laboratory CABAN, a creative and artistic play area for the artists and the children from 3 months to  3 years (and their adults acquaintances).

4.45 pm-6 pm : « Strategies for the future » How to consolidate or develop collaborations between different networks (regional, national and European – artists, early childhood structures, associations…) in order to share issues and solutions (training, co-production network, visibility in different festivals…).
In the light of some examples, the assembly of the participants will be invited to dialogue with each other.

6.30 pm : « Donner du temps au temps » at the Marcel Pagnol Theatre (presentation of a project in creation)

Presentation by Laurent Dupont (Cie ACTA) of his project « Al di la/Au-delà » (« Beyond»).

End of the forum: a drink will be offered to the participants

*The forum alternates conferences and performances. Please take into consideration distances and traffics jams in your choices. Some representations will take place in locations
which are far from Villiers-le-Bel, potentially late scheduled and will prevent you from participating in some conferences. It is up to you!

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