Created in March 2005

For all audiences from 10 months old

About the show


“Plis/Sons” is a plastic proposition, a mirror game between music, material and light, a game between a singer and a “machinist”, with paper in all its states. She… folds, caresses, crumples, crumples, stretches, tears. The voice shapes like the gesture. Sounds emerge from the material. He… captures, transforms, modulates and restores. His machines shape the sounds. A complicity begins, inviting to listen to the images suggested by a set of light sculptures, in balance, which transfigure the space.

Symphony for crumpled paper, triturated, lifted in all directions with the refined gestures of mime. This paper opera alternates grandiloquence and humour, baby’s grumbling and multiple figures obtained by folding, shaking and setting in motion white sheets contrasting with the blue of the actors’ costumes.
This is enough to fascinate very young children, who are captivated by a density that evokes the Japanese world in its forms and, in brief moments, the Italian world with its fanfare and comical gestures.

Télérama March 2006, by Henriette Bichonnier TT

Conception and stage direction : Laurent Dupont 

Music : Bruno Bernard

Scenography : Christine Vadrot

With : Marie Fraschina et Laurent Dupont

Coproduction : Glitterbird (Culture 2000), Ville de Châlons-sur-Saône, Mosaïques, Amalys et Nicéphore City