PREMIÈRES RENCONTRES Festival: 18-24 March

Photo credit: Clémence Bélénus

We are entering the 3rd week of the European Biennial “Premières Rencontres – Art, early childhood and live performance”. From 18 to 23 March, enjoy 3 shows for young children from France, Belgium and the Netherlands in 4 towns in Val-d’Oise and Seine-et-Marne districts.


Jonathan de Neck and Maaike van de Westeringh

Music and dance | from 1 year old

A dancer, a musician and an accordion. An exploration of what connects us, what unlinks us, through movement, breath, gaze and music. Games and conversations between bodies, voices, sounds and sighs.

At the Maison pour Tous and the Espace Sarah Berhnardt in Goussainville

18 March: 10.15am and 2pm (schools)

19 March: 10.15am (schools)

At the Espace Germinal in Fosses

19 March: 2.30pm (schools)

20 March: 10am and 4pm

Entre les lignes

Cie Lunatic

Circus | from 3 years old

The circus bodies trace in the sand, balance on a bamboo tensegrity structure, and come to grips with that age of infancy when everything is being built.

At the Espace Lucien Jean in Marly-la-Ville

21 March: 9.30am and 2pm (schools)


Cie Un Château en Espagne

Object theatre | from 1 year old

For the duration of an insomnia, Merveille(s) takes toddlers and the adults who accompany them on a journey to the land of the tiny and the marvellous. It’s a journey that highlights the tiny wonders we need to look after.

At the Atalante in Mitry-Mory

21 & 22 March: 9.15am, 10.30am and 2.30pm (schools)

23 March: 10.30am – Book