PREMIERES RENCONTRES Festival: 2nd to 7th April

Photo credit: Olivier Calicis

The European Biennial “Premières Rencontres – Art, Early Childhood and Performing Arts” comes to an end this week! 3 shows, including 1 from Belgium, are scheduled in libraries and socio-cultural centres in Val-d’Oise and Seine-et-Marne.

Le Silence des champignons

Ensemble TaCTuS

Object theatre & music | from 2 years old

Can’t you hear that little sound there, just to the left? It comes closer and becomes… music! Le Silence des champignons is an audio and visual journey into a sensitive universe, populated by strange instruments and mysterious mushroom-like objects…

At the George Sand Library in Dammartin-en-Goële

2 April: 10.15AM and 2PM (schools)

At the Survilliers Library

3 April: 10.30AM (open to all) and 2PM (schools)


Théâtre de la Guimbarde

Theatre and music | from 18 months old

Walangaan – water that flows in Wolof – tells the story of the water cycle in its own way. Water that waters, water that runs down the skin, water that splashes, water that cleans, water that sings, water that lulls, water that gushes. And the water that sometimes, more and more, runs out.

At the Valéry Watteau SCC in Sarcelles

3 April: 2.30PM and 4PM – Find out more and book

4 & 5 April 10.30AM and 2.30PM (schools)


Cie Un Château en Espagne

Object theatre | from 1 year old

For the duration of an insomnia, Merveille(s) takes toddlers and the adults who accompany them on a journey to the land of the tiny and the marvellous. It’s a journey that highlights the tiny wonders we need to look after.

At the Cube Garges Library, in Garges-lès-Gonesse

4 April: 9AM and 10.30AM (schools)