Art and Nature : workshops in kingergarten schools

Photo credit: Clémence Bélénus

The first phase of the 2024 annual community project ‘Art and Nature – the mutation of beings’ is drawing to a close with the timid arrival of warmer weather. 5-year-old students and teachers from the Gérard Philipe and Les Galopins kindergarten schools in Villiers-le-Bel were able to explore the various metamorphoses of nature through visual arts and dance.

Working with painter Vladimir Kara, the students began by learning about colours, mixing primary colours to obtain secondary colours, discovering complementary colours and hot and cold shades, and then creating their own drawings of a tree and nature and their various representations.

For his part, dancer Kostia Cerda proposed a journey of exploration of the body and its movements, based on the expressions evoked by trees and nature: postures alone or in pairs, movements linked to the suggestions of branches, the creation of a forest by several people, the representation of the elements and of different animal postures.

Photo credit: Clémence Bélénus

32 workshops were held in the two schools (8 workshops per class) between March and May 2024. A final presentation of the work was also organised in each school: on Friday 24 May at Les Galopins, to which parents and the school’s younger students were also invited, and on Monday 27 May at Gérard Philipe.

The second phase of the project, imagined for primary schools students, will take place in autumn 2024.