Été culturel 2020

Following a period of isolation due to the lockdown, artistic actions were carried out as part of “L’Été culturel” – “Cultural Summer” – in Villiers-le-Bel and Beaumont-sur-Oise around listening and children’s awakening around 3 cycles: water, air and earth.

A series of visual and sound proposals were produced between June and July 2020 in the play areas of the nurseries and gardens, in the presence of professionals, children and also parents from Villiers-le-Bel and Beaumont-sur-Oise, in order to cultivate social links and encourage everyone’s creativity.

Three variations were developed:

  • A duo bringing together Maxime Echardour (percussionnist) and Laurent Dupont with a focus on instruments and rhythmic composition ;
  • A duo bringing together Anne Cammas (singer and actress) and Laurent Dupont focusing on body and voice ;
  • A trio bringing together Emilie Lambert, Joseph Bourillon (actors) and Laurent Dupont around different visual and sound languages.

Prior to these actions, three recordings were created and broadcast in the organisations to encourage listening and awakening of the youngest children around the 3 cycles: water, air and earth. Games of distinct name calling, vocal transformation games inspired by the 3 elements, listening to 3 “soundscapes”: flows, waves, rain, storms, wind, birdsong, insectsong.

At the same time, these actions were accompanied by the proposal of a document, made available to professionals, exploring different creative approaches to be shared and developed between professionals and children within the organisations: rhythmic games, touch, plastic expression, body expression and imaginary games.

In total, 114 children and professionals benefited from 20 days of interventions over these two months.

“The whole team really appreciated these diverse and varied workshops: dances, music… It was a bubble of oxygen, an invitation to escape and to forget for a moment this anxiety-provoking climate. Moments of pleasure and sharing, of games and discoveries.”

Pierrot et Colombine Nursery

“Being outside was very pleasant, and birds even invited themselves to the performance! The different sounds were appreciable, original and sometimes funny! The overall result is therefore very positive, and we will be delighted to repeat it!”

Les Pitchouns drop-in centre