Jardins intérieurs, jardins d’intérieur

Photo credit : Agnès Desfosses

During the previous community engagement project in 2016, “Sons…Jardins Secrets“, we noted that the unifying theme of the garden made it possible to “bring into play” a pleasure and a desire for cultural and intergenerational sharing through the evocation of memories and practices linked to it. In 2017, we continued our action around this theme, this time with 4 parent/child centres and early childhood organisations in the town of Villiers-le-Bel.

Each collective followed an annual course combining two artistic proposals to encourage creativity and the sharing of intercultural links:

  • Dance : for an awareness of the richness of the body’s expression, its projection in space and the quality of its “states” and the attitudes it reveals, with Cécile Mont-Reynaud ;
  • Voice for the exploration of phonemes, echoing the “babbling” of toddlers, witnesses of a great cultural diversity that can be “heard” like words, with the singer Juliette Plihon ;
  • Materials : sand, paper, cardboard to stimulate the inventiveness and tactile explorations they encourage, with Laurent Dupont ;
  • Shade and light for the imaginations it stimulates, with Catherine Morvan.

Photos of the workshops were taken by Agnès Desfosses, and then presented to the participants during two exhibitions at the L’Île aux Enfants family centre and the Les Pitchouns childcare centre.

“Most of the children were very willing to take hold of the materials and explore their sounds. They also understood the principle of sound massage, which they did very gently (!) in the adults’ ears.”

Juliette Plihon

“My daughter, shy at first, little by little let herself go…”

Feedback from a parent