Carnet de saveurs

“Carnet de saveurs” – “Flavours booklet” – is an artistic and cultural project carried out prior to the 2019 creation “A Vos Saveurs“. Its aim was to celebrate the inhabitants and their cultures and to raise awareness on the process of artistic creation through an itinerary associating practice and encounters.

It consisted in proposing a journey through 2 types of workshops to children aged 6-9 from 2 leisure centres in Villiers-le-Bel:

  • Art workshops on the theme of tastes and colours, spices and materials, led by the artist Vladimir Kara
  • Theatre/slam workshops on words, sounds and emotions related to cooking, led by Nebil Daghsen.

These journeys were also combined with a meeting with a group of older women from the Patchwork association, from the Camille Claudel neighbourhood centre, for exchanges around recipes and the evocation of the rites and cultures associated with them. There was also time for work presentations and meetings with the artistic team of the creation “A Vos Saveurs“.

In total, 80 beneficiaries were able to experiment with different artistic practices over approximately 50 hours of interventions between March and December 2018.

“The children were delighted with the workshop, they can move, talk, express themselves, there were real improvements for the children who were withdrawn and conversely for the extroverted children: calmer, listening.”

Leisure centre team on the theatre/slam workshops

“The children liked the fact that they tasted the food before drawing it. We had some kids who weren’t interested in coming, then they clicked and loved it.”

Leisure centre team on the art workshops