Plus riche que moi, y’ a pas

Credits : Thierry Gary

Plus riche que moi, y’a pas ! – Un souvenir d’avenir


30 years of activist, artistic and cultural experiments with Villiers-le-Bel’s inhabitants – To create a collective memory


Filming and witnessing today what we achieved yesterday to enrich the thoughts and actions of tomorrow.

Agnès Desfosses

This project took the form of a fifty-minute documentary film based on fifteen filmed interviews with twenty or so people from the Ile-de-France region and more particularly from a town in the northern suburbs: Villiers-le-Bel. This film is also based on personal archives of the interviewees, archives of the ACTA Company (Association de Création Théâtrale et Audiovisuelle) as well as documents in the public domain: photographs, film extracts and other documents relevant to the subject.

This film, which brings together three main areas of work, aims to make visible 30 years of artistic and cultural experience with the inhabitants of the town and to initiate a new project by following in the footsteps of the historical protagonists of this collective memory. The three axes highlight the contemporary legacies of former projects linked to the different historical contexts and events of the territory of Villiers-le-Bel. We have a living, contemporary memory of this.

  • Collective memories linked to art and culture with :

– “Exil, scène d’intérieur” (shows in flats to bring art and culture to the city’s inhabitants, who are often excluded from cultural life)

– To feel at home: street parades and projections on the buildings of Villiers-le-Bel of photographs from yesterday’s countries with today’s photos of the inhabitants of the city’s districts.

– “Debout!”: A show that brought together 90 inhabitants, dancers and actors following the death of a child in the town in 2010: one death too many…

  • Social and societal commitment in the Beauvilliers region through cultural expression: highlighting a pivotal moment

– Through the creation of the 29th June collective in 2010 (following the tragic disappearance of a child from the town, members of civil society, and essentially women from the town, formed a collective in order to renew and create links with all the institutions (police, education, transport, etc.) and to organise public meetings bringing together the inhabitants and representatives of these institutions)

– Through long-term work, the training courses and meetings that Agnès Desfosses had initiated in the region with the children’s and cultural services to create links between French culture and world cultures by highlighting the practices of each, particularly around the birth and development of the little one.

  • The creation of new “Souvenirs d’Avenir” with the realization of interviews of new protagonists whose individual memories of exile, migration and settlement in France are still silent or truncated:

The aim is to promote these necessary memories, especially when they are committed to strong cultural and democratic values that are conducive to the future: through these filmed interviews, this project aims to contribute to intergenerational well-being in Villiers-le-Bel and beyond.