“Ptit Land Art” exhibition continues at the Aimé Césaire library

Photo credit: Marc Pouyet

After meeting residents of the Carreaux district of Villiers-le-Bel, Marc Pouyet’s photographic exhibition P’tit Land Art will be on show at the Aimé Césaire library (Villiers-le-Bel) from 26 SEPTEMBER to 7 OCTOBER.

Whether it’s a round carpet of chestnuts, a cushion of sunny daisies or a pyramid of shells, the “P’tit Land Art” exhibition features photographs and films of the ephemeral works of Marc Pouyet from the Creuse region.

An invitation for toddlers – and parents too! – to discover a multitude of shapes, colours and natural treasures!

Wednesday 4 OCTOBER at 3pm: Meet the artist to talk about Land Art and his world at the Aimé Césaire multimedia library.

Free admission