2023 Community Project: Land Art Encounters

Photo credit : Marc Pouyet


To support the creation of their next show “Le chant de l’arbre“, ACTA is offering the residents of Villiers-le-Bel and the Seine-et-Marne region the chance to rediscover the natural environment that surrounds them through an artistic exploration of its components (leaves, wood, stones, earth, moss, etc.) with the “Land Art Encounters” project.

Between June and November 2023, in collaboration with the Land Art artist Marc Pouyet and the artist Constance Arizzoli, we are setting up various cultural activities in three neighbourhoods (one in Claye-Souilly and two in Villiers-le-Bel).

A library in each district will host an exhibition by Marc Pouyet for 15 days, with a final public talk at each venue. The artist will facilitate five workshops in two schools and a nursery in each district, working with the children to create mandalas using materials collected in the natural environment. Constance Arizzoli will also be working in the nurseries to complement the work initiated by Marc Pouyet.

Follow the news on the project !

  • Land Art Encounters in Claye-Souilly
    The 2023 “Land Art Encounters” project is coming to a close with the children and residents of Claye-Souilly.
  • The “P’tit Land Art” exhibition in Claye-Souilly !
    The “P’tit Land Art” exhibition continues its tour of the Greater Paris region from 4 to 18 November at the library l’Orangerie in Claye-Souilly.
  • Land Art Encounters: the autumn workshops
    From 4 to 6 October, it was the turn of the organisations and residents of the centre of Villiers-le-Bel to meet Marc Pouyet and create their own works of land art.
  • “Ptit Land Art” exhibition continues at the Aimé Césaire library
    Marc Pouyet’s “P’tit Land Art” exhibition will be on show at the Aimé Césaire multimedia library in early autumn. It will be accompanied by workshops in nursery schools and children’s play centres, and a meeting with the artist on 4 October at 3pm.
  • Land Art Encounters: Exhibition at Maison des Services
    Land art pulsates to the sound of children’s laughter! After an enjoyable collection of natural elements and remarkable diligence in the creation of their mandalas, the children are being highlighted in a photo exhibition at the Maison des Services in Villiers-le-Bel until 17 September 2023.
  • Land Art Encounters: Workshops
    Here’s a look back at the Land Art workshops held in June 2023 in Villiers-le-Bel for toddlers, who had fun playing with different natural materials and creating their own mandalas, all in good humour and laughter.
  • “P’tit Land Art” Exhibition at the Erik Orsenna Library
    The Erik Orsenna library (Villiers-le-Bel) is hosting Marc Pouyet’s “P’tit Land Art” exhibition from 20 JUNE to 1 JULY. An encounter with the artist will be held on Wednesday 28 June at 3pm.

Feedback from participants

«The children enjoyed the workshop and being able to manipulate natural elements. They have fond memories of it months later. For city children who have very little contact with nature, it was a real asset. »

Teacher from the school Gérard Philippe

« The children from the school workshops came back [to see the exhibition] with their parents, and they loved it. We had materials available for them to handle during the exhibition, and they used them a lot. The books [by Marc Pouyet] were borrowed a lot. »

L’Orangerie public library