À vos saveurs

Daniel Spoerri

À vos saveurs ! – Creation 2019 for all audiences from 6 years old

About the show


The art of cooking and its pleasures, the cultural riches it covers, the sharing it arouses, the gourmet emotions it evokes or provokes… But also the conviviality, the exchanges and experiences shared on a daily basis in the family environment around the table…

“A vos saveurs” is the second part of a diptych started with “Sons… Jardins secrets”: an “epicurean” journey inspired by “two landscapes”: the garden and the meal, two places of “sharing” par excellence, archetypes of life that cross cultures.

For this new creation, I intend to draw on the suggestive atmospheres of the preparation of a banquet – in the kitchen!…and on the culinary metaphors that accompany it, the “substance” for the evocation of these flavours of life that we will have shared during the stages of its realisation.

The action opens in a cheerful atmosphere, under the direction of a percussionist-cook to begin the preparations: whipping, kneading, chopping… are all gestural and rhythmic evocations for the “setting in ear of acoustic flavours”… before the chef-singer enters the scene. Little by little the atmosphere heats up and becomes feverish as the “shot” approaches. Everything then accelerates. The instrumental playing, songs and words will combine to evoke “soundscapes” in this place of intense vocal activity where pots and pans, steam jets and bells clash… interspersed with moments of reverie….

This moment of musical theatre, immersed in the elixir of phonemes, this linguistic poetry that opens up the meaning of words, will be accompanied by percussive instrumentation and sound objects.

“A vos saveurs!” is an appetizer of sound and vision, an awakening of the taste buds of memory for an evocation of the “bittersweet” of life: a convivial moment in a bi-frontal space associating spectators and performers, involved in the preparation of this banquet of sounds, images and words… for the sharing of a final taste.

Laurent Dupont

Stage director : Laurent Dupont

Music : Karl Naegelen

Scenography : Patricia Lacoulonche

Performers : Maxime Echardour, Corentin Marillier, Violaine Lochu

Costumes : Gaëtan Leudière

Production : ACTA, Compagnie conventionnée : Ministère de la Culture, DRAC Ile-de-France, Conseil Départemental du Val d’Oise, Ville de Villiers-le-Bel. ACTA est subventionnée par le Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France dans le cadre d’une convention de permanence artistique.
Coproductions : Ville de Villiers-le-Bel, La Cuisine – Centre d’art et de design (Nègrepelisse) et L’Adda82 (Association départementale pour le développement des arts). Avec le soutien du Festival Méli-Môme (Reims), du Fonds SACD, de l’Adami et de la Spedidam.