Là… Pas Là !

Sound and visual poetry – Dance et plastic arts

From 18 months old to 4 years old

Coproduction ACTA – La Passerelle (Rixheim)

Created in Villiers-le-Bel in November 2020
Rehearsals from June to November 2020

Tour and cultural actions from December 2020

This show is intended for groups of children from nursery schools, but also from small and medium-sized nursery schools. The maximum capacity of 60 to 70 people (including adults and children), favours a good listening of this very young audience, installed in front of the play space, on small benches and cushions.

The show lasts 30 to 35 minutes. The children are then invited to freely express themselves graphically in the play space.

It is a story to be shared between young and old.

From the beginning to the end, between light and darkness,

like a game of hide-and-seek,

“There …Not there!”

A game of presence and absence, in this delicate “in-between” where, to make up for the absence, the adult and the child invent games through which they discover the need to separate themselves in order to better find each other: “I know you are there … even if I don’t see you…”

And the pleasure of creating a moment rich in invention and creativity where one can “play with the other” while developing one’s own imagination and thought. A surprising moment where stories, myths, beliefs, ideals and values are whispered and trace the first chapters of the history of the toddler.

This creative project, born from this simple experience that every adult (father, mother or early childhood professional…) can have, revolves around the rituals linked to separation.

It is also inspired by a beautiful legend written by Pliny the Elder, which evokes the power of symbolisation and imagination to alleviate the anguish created by the absence of the loved one:

A young girl fell in love with a man. He had to leave. While he was sleeping, before he left, she used a lantern to trace the outline of his shadow on a wall. Later, her father, struck by the extreme resemblance, modelled the image with earth and created a statue of it.

In the beginning, there is the shadow, a circle,
A little ball running behind it, looking for its way.
“And me, was I there or was I not there?…”
“You are there and we are here”.
In the beginning there is She and He and their body-houses
All round, for Her/ And for Him, all long.
With desires full of heart for this little ball
“So, I’m there!”
It rolls, rises, falls and leaves again.
A bit like this, a bit like that.
“Little ball, which way will you go to build your house?”

Stage director : Laurent Dupont

Scenography : Patricia Lacoulonche

Lights : Bernard Beau

Performers : Emilie Lambert et Joseph Bourillon




ACTA, Compagnie conventionnée:  Ministère de la Culture DRAC Ile-de-France, Conseil Départemental du Val d’Oise, Ville de Villiers-le-Bel. ACTA est subventionnée par le Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France dans le cadre d’une convention de permanence artistique. Coproduction 2020 : La Passerelle de Rixheim (68)