“Presence / Absence” workshops and early years staff training in the Creuse county

Photo credit : Creuse Confluence

In partnership with Creuse Confluence, this project was built through artistic workshops with children and professionals from the Chambon-sur-Voueize micro-nursery and the Évaux-les-Bains nursery, training sessions, and two performances of the creation “Là…Pas Là! at the La Source venue in Évaux-les-Bains.

The workshops

These workshops were led by Emilie Lambert and Joseph Bourillon from Monday 24 to Thursday 27 April 2023 on the theme of presence and absence, in connection with the research undertaken around the show “Là…Pas Là!”. Two approaches were used to put the theme into practice: movement and shadow/light; and movement and vocal and graphic expression. The afternoons were dedicated to exchange with the professionals, to open a moment for reflection and feedback.

Training sessions

Two training sessions were led by Laurent Dupont for the staff from partner organisations and childminders from Creuse Confluence.

Firstly, a vocal expression workshop was held on Monday 24 April 2023. Through this workshop, Laurent Dupont proposed to the professionals to reconnect with the pleasure of playing with sounds, voice, words through our body and facial expressions.

In a second phase, a workshop on Agnès Desfosses’ book-exhibition “Enfances Chercheurs d’Ortook place on Thursday 27 April. Everyone was invited to reflect on their own practices: what, in our practices, respects, stimulates or hinders the creativitý of young children? In what way can the living spaces favour the blossoming of this creativity? How does it open up in contact with nature, the Other and the object?